About BizStream Toolkit

There's no silver bullet for CMS deployments.

Why Did We Make a Comparison Tool for Kentico?

Born out of the frustration from multiple environment Kentico deployments, the team at BizStream decided to solve the problem and develop a tool to make it easier for developers. Compare for Kentico was built to solve the problem of challenging deployments in CMS projects that fail all too often when multiple environments (dev, qa, production) and multiple development teams are in play. Using Compare for Kentico makes deployments easier, quicker, and more reliable than deploying by hand.


What Versions of Kentico Does Compare for Kentico Support?

At this time, the Toolkit can be installed on Kentico 10.0, 9.0 and 8.2.
The Agent can actually be installed on Kentico 10.0, 9.0, 8.2,8.1 and 8.0.
If that doesn't work for you, let us know.


How Does it Work?

Compare for Kentico works by installing a custom module on two different instances of Kentico that are running the same version of Kentico. The modules communicate back and forth across a secure connection. Once installed, Compare gives developers the ability to visually see the differences across two Kentico environments at the same time and know whether or not a change should be deployed.


Who is Intended to use Compare for Kentico?

Compare for Kentico is intended for developers and/or IT professionals who need to deploy changes from one instance to another.


Is it Secure?

Yes, we use industry standard best practices for security including encryption, not storing usernames and passwords, and ignoring your connection strings. We of course recommend that you also run the tool under SSL (https). It is also recommended to disable the functionality in production when not in use via simple configuration.


What is the Difference between Kentico Continuous Integration and Compare for Kentico?

Continuous Integration (CI) in Kentico allows developers to keep development environments in sync during the development phase a website build. It is not intended to sync changes from dev, to QA, to Production. Compare for Kentico is more of a deployment tool to assist with making sure your various environments are all in sync.


What is the Difference between Kentico Content Staging and Compare for Kentico?

Content Staging in Kentico allows developers and marketers to sync or push changes from one Kentico environment to another. It is fully intended to sync changes from Dev, to QA, to Production (and even backwards via bi-directional staging). Again Compare for Kentico is a deployment tool to assist with making sure your various environments are all in sync. The tool generates a report of items that should be deployed. You can use Kentico Content Staging, or Import Export to push them once they are identified.


What is the BizStream Toolkit?

The BizStream Toolkit is the name for the suite of tools that BizStream plans on building after Compare for Kentico is completed. As a long time gold solutions partner with Kentico, we have built many off of solutions that have helped us build over 100 website solutions with Kentico. We feel that its time to share the love. Stay tuned for more information about the toolkit.